September 20, 2016: Fried Egg Jelly
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Recently I read an article discussing the reputed “global Jellyfish takeover” – many of you will recall this from our recent March Madness series. Bucking the trend, this article questioned the validity of the overly-sensationalized claims of Jellies commandeering the … Read More

September 15, 2016: Moon Snail
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Apologies for the delay in publishing this week’s newsletter- to be honest I was feeling a little lackluster about the whole thing this week (even┬ámy enthusiasm wanes on occasion), but then tonight I caught a glimpse of the unbelievably bright, … Read More

September 6, 2016: Barton Springs Salamander
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Howdy from Texas! I am visiting Austin this weekend and it has been a blast so far. While landlocked, Austin boasts some pretty cool wildlife, including this week’s critter: the┬áBarton Springs Salamander. I know this one’s a freshwater species, but … Read More