August 24, 2016: Common Cormorant

August 24, 2016: Common Cormorant

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This post published one week late due to technical issues. Last week’s newsletter was sent via email as usual. 

This week’s newsletter features a seabird many of you have likely spotted if you’ve spent time on the coast: the Common Cormorant. I’ve chosen to highlight a seabird today because it ties in nicely with an exciting announcement: yesterday (Aug. 23rd) marked Day 1 of a project in which I am participating called The 100 Days Project.

I’ve completed this challenge once before, as some of you may recall – it’s a fabulous exercise in creativity and self-discipline! The link above will take you to the page for my project this year; from there you can also explore the literally hundreds (over a thousand!) of other fantastic projects that people have launched all over the world – there are some seriously creative minds out there! As for my project, it’s called 100 Days, Zero Waste. The simple premise is: for 100 consecutive days, I will employ and post techniques for creating less waste. Many of these will be brand new things I’m trying for the first time and hoping to incorporate into my life long-term, and some of them will be habits I’ve been cultivating for a while. Why am I doing this? Because people make too much waste. Happily, this is something we can change. I’d like to do my best to contribute less to this growing global issue. Plus, I’m always up for a new challenge. 😉

How did seabirds tie in with this theme? Seabirds have become one of the “poster children” for plastic pollution, but hundreds of marine species around the planet are equally adversely impacted by the millions of tons of plastic entering the global seas every day. I’ve written about the plastics problem before, but it is so important to the health of our oceans that we end the influx of trash into the environment that here I am at it again. For a more in depth (but still brief!) read, check out this piece by the Center for Biological Diversity.

I can’t promise that my 100 Days Project profile will be updated every day since I have a bunch of travel coming up over the next few months, but I can promise that I will back-fill these days as soon as possible each time I lag behind to keep you all relatively up to speed if you’re interested in following along. I will also be posting daily updates on the SCFoW twitter (@SeaCreatureFoW). If you’re excited to learn about ways you can make less waste in your life, check out the Reduce the Use page for tips & ideas. As the project progresses, I plan to flesh out this page in more detail and add to it continuously.

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Finally, a note on the upcoming October “Amateur” Photographer Showcase: There are two remaining open spots (one of which will be awarded to Halloween-themed sea creatures first)! So you still have time to submit your favorite underwater shots – remember, this is just a friendly showcase, not a competition, so don’t be shy! Feel free to tell a friend, too – no need to be an official subscriber to be made famous by the showcase!


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