September 20, 2016: Fried Egg Jelly

September 20, 2016: Fried Egg Jelly

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Recently I read an article discussing the reputed “global Jellyfish takeover” – many of you will recall this from our recent March Madness series. Bucking the trend, this article questioned the validity of the overly-sensationalized claims of Jellies commandeering the world’s oceans in favor of a more rational look back at the original source of the rumors. Apparently the story may not go quite as we’ve been told. It would seem that even scientists are not immune to the “sound-byte” news cycle, focused on catchy headlines and “keeping it brief.” It’s quite an interesting read, and it reminded me that my goals for this site are to stick to the facts, because that’s what matters. While I did include a section back in March discussing the fact that not all scientists are in agreement about the culpability of ocean acidification in the Jellyfish population explosion, I was not aware of the “wobbly foundations” underlying claims that this explosion is occurring in the first place! When trusting the primary literature is insufficient, what is a newsletter-writer to do?

I hope to keep you as informed as possible, basing all that I write on real, hard facts – to the best of my abilities. For now, let’s take a look at a Jelly whose life-cycle is uncontested (for now): the Fried Egg Jelly.




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