October 27, 2016: “Amateur” Photographer Showcase – Yellow Banded Sea Krait

October 27, 2016: “Amateur” Photographer Showcase – Yellow Banded Sea Krait

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Apologies for being roughly a week behind with this week’s newsletter – I was busier than anticipated on my most recent round of travels! Happily, however, I got to pay a visit to today’s “Amateur” photographer, Cameron Okie, when I was in Washington, D.C.

Cameron may look like a D.C. native these days, but behind his collared shirt is an adventurer who traveled to Niue and took these fabulous photos of the Yellow Banded Sea Krait!




In other news, for any of you who may be following along with my 100 Days Project, today is Day 66! With all the traveling it has been hard to keep up-to-date on these websites as well, but I’ve linked to the official 100 Days site as that is where I’m staying the most on top of things. Ultimately, once the project is complete, I plan to take some more time (and some better photos) and really shape up the long-term portfolio.


Finally, a brief announcement: After our final “Amateur” Photographer Showcase newsletter (comin’ atcha just in time for Halloween), I plan to put an extended pause on these SCFoW newsletters. After four years of mostly-continuous newsletters, I am ready for some R&R! The website will remain up, and I hope to use this off-time to do some re-shaping and re-vamping of certain pages. In the mean time, learn to make your own broth and be sure to get out and enjoy the water!



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