October 30, 2016: “Amateur” Photographer Showcase Finale! Spotlight on San Juan Island

October 30, 2016: “Amateur” Photographer Showcase Finale! Spotlight on San Juan Island

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Salutations, SCFoW-ers.

Today marks the finale of the October “Amateur” Photographer Showcase, the FOUR YEAR anniversary of SCFoW, and the last newsletter to be published for some time. Today’s featured photographer, John Gilbert, is an avid and enthusiastic observer of the natural world. All of the photos in this newsletter, Spotlight On San Juan Island, were taken by John in the San Juans in 2015. While the text of today’s newsletter sounds a bit more like a travel brochure than a species fact sheet, we have actually covered all of the species mentioned in previous SCFoW posts if you want to learn more about them! I encourage you to refresh your memories on Vermillion Stars, Sea Lions, and Orcas by perusing the archives if you’re curious. Also common in the San Juans (and previously covered by SCFoW): Cormorants


Before I leave you newsletter-less for the winter, I want to highlight some tid-bits of good news in the world of ocean conservation, as well as some new resources for educators:



Speaking of plastics, today is Day 69 of the 100 Days Project, and I am chugging away trying to reduce my footprint by taking small actions every day to consume less and generate less waste (especially plastic). I may not always get the pictures up in time, but the project continues and I plan to use this extended pause on the newsletters to update and improve upon my portfolio here at SCFoW. So be sure to check back in occasionally!


That’s all for now – Sayonara, Sea Squirts!

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