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Foxiphalus major
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How to stay engaged in the daily grind of biodiversity research? A little humor, of course!

March 8, 2016: Red Gurnard
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Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a very special day, folks. Today, a blog post I wrote on my Masters research has been published by the journal that recently published my paper. If you’ve ever thought over the course of … Read More

February 12, 2016: Published!
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Months of editing and one full year after submitting the final version of my thesis, the article summarizing my research has finally been published in “Methods in Ecology and Evolution”!

January 2016: Onward and Upward (or at least Sideward)
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Transitioning into a new role, this time with a little policy mixed in!

January 2015: The Dog Ate My Thesis… Literally
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The time Juno playfully demolished my lab book.

September 2014: What Happens When You Leave Equipment in the Field for Over a Month?
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Question: What happens when you leave scientific equipment in the ocean for over a month? Answer: It becomes somebody’s home!

August 2014: Sunday Funday
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Sometimes you have to schedule in a little fun…

March 12, 2014: The Underwater Navigation Smorgasbord Part 3: Magnetoreception
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This week’s newsletter is the third and final instalment (NZ spelling, uh-oh!) of TheĀ  Underwater Navigation Smorgasbord . There are a lot of big words, because you’re all brilliant and I believe in you. There’s a cyclone coming this weekend … Read More