Only six days into this experiment, I was on the road again – this time headed to Portland, Oregon for a three-day stint at EPA’s Oregon Operations Office. Traveling might seem like a big challenge when you’re trying to reduce your waste footprint, but I honestly found it to be easy – and sometimes even fun.

Pictured here is a lovely canvas bag that was gifted to me by one Suz M. Okie from the Whitney Art Museum. Reusable bags are a huge part of zero-waste life, and travel is no exception. I always bring at least two with me wherever I go, because they never fail to come in handy. They also fold up nice and small, so there can be no excuses of the “packing light” variety. My lovely and artistic sister, Cassidy Harris, snapped this snazzy photo of the funk-a-delic Whitney bag while I was crashing at her place during my trip. This time around, my trusty travel bag served not only as a purse while I was in transit, but also a grocery bag upon arrival and then a lunch bag each day as I headed into the office. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.


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