Still in Portland on Day 8, I began to worry that it might be challenging to come up with ideas for this project while working and traveling – until I realized just how many small things I was already doing every day. Like bringing my own lunch. On Day 01 I wrote about bringing my breakfast to work with me, and on Day 03 I touched on tea as a crucial element to said breakfast. Well, lunch is no different (and if you’re beginning to envision me as a bag lady weighed down by stacks of Tupperware piled to the ceiling, I won’t lie, you are starting to get the picture).

I bring my lunch to work nearly every single day of the year, traveling or no. This has the distinct bonus of saving me approximately $50 a week on take-out lunches and restaurants, and reduces my waste footprint enormously. Fortunately on this trip it was easy to continue my lunch-toting habits as I was staying with my sister, and thus was able to prepare lunch at her apartment each morning. Pictured here is a scrumptious salad in one of my favorite lunch containers. I’d like to note that it would have been no trouble finding a container even if I had been staying at a hotel, because I brought this one down with me (filled with lunch) for the bus ride from Seattle.


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