A few years ago I got into the habit of making my own granola, and there are so many reasons I’m excited to talk about it in the context of this project.

  1. For starters, homemade granola is almost guaranteed to be healthier than something you’ve purchased in the grocery store. Mostly, this is because you control the ingredients, so you can tailor it to whatever your needs (and tastes) may be! No matter what you’re putting in there, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up using as much oil as the brand-name varieties, and you probably won’t be using any preservatives, either. Win 1 for your health!
  2. Homemade granola is packaging-free, provided you’re buying your ingredients in bulk (pictured here in jars in my pantry are some of the many things I keep in my granola rotation: pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and spanish peanuts, as well as some things that don’t typically make it into the mix – aka chocolate chips).
  3. Granola is the perfect complement to homemade yogurt, which is a post I will¬†publish soon! As I mentioned on Day 1, this combination is a breakfast staple ’round these parts.

Pictured here – and a feature ingredient on the day I took the photo of this particular batch – are some delicious apples from our backyard. Granola is an excellent way to sneak some fruit into your life, and I find it especially delicious with some local, in-season apples!

I just can’t recommend granola-making enough, if it’s something you enjoy eating. For recipe ideas, drop me a line! My favorite part about making granola is that it’s so easy (and forgiving) – just throw everything together in a bowl and bake!

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