Speaking of water-related accessories, did you know that every time you choose a reusable water bottle over a plastic one, you save enough energy to power a 75-watt lightbulb for 29 hours?! The bottle has become one of the poster-children of the zero waste movement, and for good reason. It is shocking how much waste is involved in drinking disposable bottled water; and when you start looking into the various other practices of the industry (e.g. bottling tap water), it’s even more alarming. Yes, bottled water may have itsĀ limited place in emergency situations, but the overwhelming majority of disposable water bottles are 100% unnecessary and completely wasteful. Almost none are properly disposed of, let alone recycled, and what’s more: disposable plastic bottles make up one of the top 10 marine debris items collected during the international coastal cleanup year after year. The solution is simple: skip the bottled water and drink from the tap. And if you’re on the go? Bring your own bottle. As part of this project I committed to never buying bottled water again – and I meant it. Recently, I forgot to bring a bottle to the airport, and bought a new metal bottle to fill at the water fountain instead of opting for a disposable option. This kind of penalty imposed on myself is very motivating – it helps me remember (most of the time) to bring my own when the other option can get pricey!

Pro tip: I like to keep several bottles around the house, for when friends and family come to visit! This way they don’t end up having to buy bottled water while we’re touring the city or heading off on a hike.


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