I’ve already discussed the creation of my capsule wardrobe, and we’ve certainly talked enough about thrift shopping and buying things second-hand. But for some things, buying new is preferable, and that’s what I’m focusing on today. For the one or two items for my kitchen, wardrobe, etc. that I couldn’t seem to find at Goodwill, I have committed to purchasing sustainable, well-made pieces that I know will last. This also goes for things I just don’t want to buy used (ahem, underwear). Yes, this is more expensive – sort of. Does a fine, fair trade, sustainably sourced and locally made pair of shoes costing $100 that I will wear for 10 years or more come anywhere near the average amount American consumers will spend on cheap shoes that constantly need to be replaced? No, it does not. Part of committing to zero waste, for me, means that on the rare future occasions when I do need to spend money on clothing, shoes, etc., I will be spending a bit more in-the-moment for items that are higher-quality and more eco-friendly. And this shouldn’t be too hard, since I’ll be saving so much money not buying things in the meantime!

Like the commitment to reusable water bottles, this promise to myself ensures that I consume less overall, because when the only options are pricier, I have to make sure they’re really worth it before making a purchase!

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