When my siblings and I were kids, our parents used to have us carefully cut off the wrapping paper on all our gifts, so that we could save it and reuse it for gifts later on. I thought this was ridiculous at the time, but got used to it – and eventually it became pretty fun as we started to recognize the wrapping on birthday gifts from the previous year, etc. But we still bought wrapping paper, and our school even did the annual wrapping paper sale that’s common across the US during the holiday season. This, my friends, is the only truly ridiculous part of this little tale. Who on earth needs special paper to wrap gifts? Especially paper that is highly glossy and hard to recycle, and is specifically designed to be used once (or a handful of times) and then discarded? What a massive waste. And don’t even get me started on ribbons.

For my wrapping paper “needs,” I now use anything I wasn’t able to cancel from my mailbox – like local newspapers, flyers, etc. After all, it’s really about what’s inside. And of course, if I receive a gift in “real” wrapping paper, I’ve had plenty of practice carefully cutting it off so it’ll be good for reuse…


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